If you’re here, you’ve probably you’ve seen a therapist or two, a coach or two and looked for answers else where…

…. You’re on a personal development journey and there are highs as you shift and change…

But also those plummeting lows when you are faced with the thing(s) that don’t seem to shift…

It can feel like a bit of a roller coaster to say the least, can’t it?!

So, what are those things that no matter what you try, just aren’t shifting for you?

Is it that your self esteem is low and stopping you from achieving the success you want in your career?

Maybe you’re not sleeping and it’s impacting your whole day, feeling like a zombie?

Or you have recurring negative relationship patterns? or even you are stopping yourself from taking the next steps on your heart’s path because it doesn’t feel safe?

Maybe it’s a money block?

Or are you sabotaging your health and wellbeing – and can’t seem to kick habits that you know consciously are bad for you?

What ever it is, your subconsious mind plays a starring role and it is at this deep level that I am delighted to be able to help my clients shift out of their patterns.

The wonderful thing is that it is totally in our control to change any area of your life once you know how..

I have successfully helped many clients with all the issues above – with the tools I use during my sessions, and I can help you to. Typically change is extremely fast in
just 1-3 sessions.

Together, we upgrade your outdated limiting beliefs to reclaim your power over your mind and emotions…

…New life-affirming beliefs are installed and the healing process begins so you can be liberated and free…

If you would like to have a further conversation please click the button below and it would be a pleasure to schedule in a conversation to speak further with you.

Stefan Davy,
Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner,

Meditation Guide and Life Coach

Client Praise
Every Habit of Action is Run by a Habit of Thought

This understanding is a vital component of change.

If there is an unwanted habit in your life it is because at some level there is a
thought that is supporting this behaviour. It is most likely a deeply subconscious
thought which you wouldn't consciosuly choose - yet it is still there affecting your

The same thoughts always lead to the same choices, same choices lead to
the same behavior and the same behaviors lead to same experiences and the same
experiences produce the same emotions and these emotions drive the very same thoughts.

Dr Joe Dispenza