Why would you trust someone to help you change if they haven’t themselves?

Like you I am on a journey, a personal development path and I have been for a decade.

It’s not always been smooth sailing. I’ve fallen off, gotten lost and found my way repeatedly.

Throughout my teens and most of my 20’s I struggled with low self esteem, I had intense social anxiety and I felt directionless.

I have been through lots of therapy and tried many modalities to shift, one of the biggest changes for me came through some transformative RTT sessions I was able to see how certain core beliefs I had picked up were sabotaging my own success and others were downright stopping me from being happy.

I learned the power that the mind has to affect our experience of the world and also how we have the power to change our experience by changing our minds. I was given an audio to listen to before bed which helped to realign my thoughts and behaviours with who I wanted to be and away from the lesser version of myself that I believed I was.

RTT had such a profound effect on my life which led me to training to become a practitioner so I can help others receive the benefits of this unique transformation method.

Now, the I have integrated the teachings that RTT has to offer into my daily life. I now live in South East Asia in communities that are wholly aligned with this deeper part of me, regularly attending workshops, meditation retreats, living a clean healthy happy life.

If you would like to, please send me a message with some information as to the issues you are facing and we can set up a short call to discuss whether a session is right for you.



BA, Philosophy of Mind, Sussex University, UK.



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